Thursday, August 2, 2012

August 2, 2012

I do not want summer to end. It is my favorite season--always has been. Add to that the fact that I love having some time off of *schooling*.
I need to go back and read posts on all of you that I have not read and catch back up. It seems that you fall behind in so many lives  by not going on Blogger for a month.
I will be back to post tomorrow...I need to get back on and start writing again

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I am back after not blogging for awhile. Have to admit that facebook is bit easier to check and post stuff here and there.
hugging Caty at the airport

My dear Caty left for Rome a few days ago. She is studying abroad there and will be earning college credits. Sooooo hard to let her go--trying to be rational and know that this is an awesome opportunity that I never had, nor probably will ever have! She is my dance major, but she is studying Roman history and literature. Lots of great field trips are planned along with the classwork of course.

Caty, Mary and Emily at the airport
Just me and my 3 girls went to the airport. My husband and all the other kids said their good byes at home. Lots of hugs going around!! Even Ben hugged Caty, and Ben is not partial to hugging.

I am going to try to blog more often now that it is summer. I find it easier to check other's blogs and comment rather than write my own stuff. Lazy? Maybe.

Just gave away my great double stroller (practically brand new--only used it about 10 x and just bought it when I had Chris) and my car seat and some other baby items. The lady who took them was looking for these items and I thought--why not? They are just collecting dust. I suppose she could always give them back if I DID get pregnant. It's been about 6 months since my last miscarriage and quite frankly that is very long to go for me without getting pregnant. Maybe it's the end? Only time will tell.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Too funny!

I made a comment--yesterday?--on a blog that I can't believe I made since it is a comment that has been said to me before and really, I have always wondered what the comment really meant.
And, if you are reading this, fellow blogger, you may know it was you!
I saw a picture of the lady on her blog and commented that she did not look like a mom with a large amount of kids and she looked so young and spry--and she really did look vibrant!
Well, why did I  say this? When others have said similar things to me before I have wondered--what do they mean?
Do they mean that I should look like the matronly wife of the Godfather who is old and stout and perpetually stirs a pot of homemade spaghetti sauce on the stovetop?
I think most people have a wrong image of a mother of many.
 First, I do believe that they think they should be old. Because most of the younger generation should have learned better to not have so many kids :)) Many see large families a thing of the past that HAD to happen because of lack of birth control.
Second, I do  think that they think we should not look vibrant nor even happy. I think they imagine that we should look tired, worn out and ready for the glue factory. I have even got the comment several times over the years that they cannot believe I am even smiling. Why should I not smile? Many are amazed that I can smile and say that I have 11 kids at the same time!!

Once, a man even made the comment to me that he could not believe my body had 11 kids--that my body looked like I had maybe 2 kids. Now, what in the world is that supposed to mean??? Do men expect that a woman's body goes KAPUT after a baby or 2? That of course, as a woman has more babies, her body goes into even more deterioration? And, what? Only women who have had no babies have the best bodies??

Sure, some days I do not feel vibrant, and I feel very tired and worn out and I will admit that my body has certainly changed after having all my kids. But, I really wish society would not have such a bad view of moms of many in general. We can be vibrant, healthy, young-thinking and smiling! But, I guess society had me too since I made the comment on someone else's blog!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

bad blogger award

I am giving myself the bad blogger award! I don't feel I have much to blog and am finding it hard to get on to do it. I feel busy with life in general and it's  just everyday boring things to do.  I do enjoy getting on blogger and catching up with everyone else's lives. So many people have been having their babies that I know online and that has been fun to read about.

Some of my boring stuff--
1. lots of baseball practices and games! only 2 boys are doing it, but they are on 2 different teams 2 oldest girls are on a RV road trip with my parents. They are both keeping travel blogs which have been extremely fun to read!

3. opening up the pool this week for the summer!

4. bought a new bathing suit --red!

5. Went to Target because daughter Emily wanted to use a $20 gift card she had, and I ended up spending $100 on stuff that I did not really need before walking into Target

6. end of year dance recital for 2 girls

7. starting to lug out the bins of summer clothes out of the basement storage and putting away winter clothes--my least favorite job of being a mommy to many and having to use hand-me-downs! I think it would be so  much easier(and funner) to buy brand new clothes every new season :)

8. After looking at the hand me downs that she would be having to wear..Margaret declares everything ugly and does not want to wear any of it  ~sigh~

9. going to a wedding reception tomorrow night with my husband---Yay!! fun!!

10.Having a family over for Memorial Day barbeque and swimming

11.still trying to have another baby--lol lol lol

See?? boring!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2. 2012

Yesterday my eldest daughter turned 20!! Now, I have 2 children in their 20' did that come to be??
Yesterday was also the day that my son Thomas made his Confirmation..last night at 7pm--very happy and momentous occasion. I was so proud of him!
Yesterday was also the day that last year I miscarried my  fraternal twins. I am the only one who remembered it. I did not mention it to anyone--not even my husband. That was a horrible day for me. It was the first time that I had found out beforehand that I was going to miscarry by seeing the  demise on the US screen. I had waited about 2 weeks or so for it to happen, and then it had to go and happen on my daughter's birthday. But, I suppose now , I will always remember the date.
I cannot believe that a whole year has gone by since losing them. I cannot believe how time has elapsed since David left this world  either. Last night while driving home from the Confirmation, it was windy and dark and for a moment the image of his body lying far away from us at a gravesite entered my mind and complete sadness came over me. I will have to admit, it has been a while that I have thought of his poor little body there all alone.
I was able to shake the image from my mind, and then we were home and getting kids to bed and etc, and life went on.
I read something recently that I repeated to myself yesterday and which gives me comfort. Some reading this blog may not be Catholic, nor believe in Purgatory., but I will write it anyways: Those that have suffered much on earth will suffer less in Purgatory, and it is so much better to suffer on Earth, than in Purgatory.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

11 things

Thanks, Mary, over at Why yes I am crazy, thank you for asking for tagging me in this fun only took me a few days to complete it! :) It's called 11 things:

1.  Post these rules. 
2.  Post a photo of yourself and then write 11 things about your life. 
3.  Answer the questions for you set in the original post.
4.  Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5.  Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you have tagged them.

So, first the photo. I decided to just get up off my chair and take one in the bathroom mirror so you can see what I really look like at the end of the day. Ha!
11 things about my life:

1. I have been dreading my birthday this year (#45) and an acquaintance at my daughter's dance class just recently confirmed why. She is an attractive 47, but she told me that after age 45 it was all downhill in the looks dept. What??!!
2. Trying to be a good Catholic, I went to Confession, Tridentine Mass, and Rosary this Sunday at a great church, but still lost my patience with my kids on Monday.
3. I am currently planning a girl's night out with my newly widowed sister-in-law who would really like to get out. I have not done this in quite so many years, but I am really looking forward to it. I am  having a hard time wrestling up some people to go since all the "girls" I know have a van-load of kids that need to be watched in order to get out.
4. Today, (once again), I was told by 1 of my adult daughters that I am being too lax on the younger siblings. 
5. Today another adult daughter talked me into sunbathing with her outside even though it was only in the 60's. We were in a secluded area with no wind. It was worth it, since we had a great conversation.
6. I am the oldest of 6 and I married a middle child of 7.  I was told that was not a good combo, but it works for us,.
7. I once thought that I would have only 2 children.
8. I ALWAYS dreaded potty training my kids. 
9. I hate mopping the floors, and my husband does it for me. Thanks!
10. I am still nursing my 3 1/2 yr old--my last *connection* I have to anything that resembles babyhood. My baby/toddler years are fading away......
11. I like to drink beer (especially with hubby) and was happy to read that Mary likes Guinness.  Which made me think....Maybe I should invite her to my girls' night out??

Now to answer Mary's questions:
1) Favorite "guilty splurge" food and why?   
 Ice-cream. Especially something from Dairy Queen with chocolate syrup and whip cream on it. But, really any will do. Why? Ummm...because it tastes good and has lots of calories!

2) Are Bucket Lists a good idea or not (must defend your position)?
I have to admit that I had to google what a bucket list was! Boy, I feel really stupid. Well since I had no idea of what they were until today, I am going to say it is not a good idea. Why? Probably because if I had one of those made up,  I would probably not have much of it scratched off the list and maybe that would make me feel bad??

3) Orange Sherbet or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough?
Hard one, and I do like  them both. But, if I have to choose, it would be chocolate chip cookie dough.

4)  If you had to give up one secular Christmas tradition, what would it be?
Now, some may say that this is too harsh or that it does have some sort of non-secular background. But, it would have to be the Christmas Tree. Sorry, but I have not had a tree stay intact for the season for 21 years. The tree is a magnet for little kids and cats to tear apart and quite frankly by the time we take it down I am more than ready.
5) If you could choose to play any professional sport (you have been bitten by a radioactive spider thereby giving you super-powers), which one would it be?
Ha ha--yes, I would need super powers! I  wish I could dance the way I see my daughter dance--ballet and jazz and tap.

6) What one phobia (diagnosed or undiagnosed) do you have that no one knows about?
I do not think that I ever told anyone that I would be afraid of drowning. Being in the water and looking up at the surface and not be able to take a breath! Getting scared thinking of it now LOL

7) Favorite childhood song?
I can't remember a children's song I liked. But, I do remember listening to "Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie" on the radio and thought it was a real cool song. Anyone else know what I am talking about ?

8) What kitchen utensil/gadget/small appliance could you NEVER do without?
Microwave, definitely the microwave.

9) Obituaries: enjoy reading them or not?
Yes, I admit to reading them on a regular basis.

10) You inherit 2 million dollars and decide to keep this fact a secret. Do you spend it slowly & judiciously or do you save it, planning on leaving it all to your family upon your death?
Of course I spend it starting right away!

11) If there was one book you could go back and un-read, which one would you choose?
Hmmmm...good question. I think it would be my high school biology book. I remember it being heavily into Evolutionism and I not being raised a Christian believed everything in it hook, line and sinker.

Now my 11 questions:
1. If you could choose any location to live (and the people you cared about lived in the same area), where would you choose and why?
2. Dream job, besides the one you are currently doing(if it is your dream job!)
3. Your hubby comes in the door, what words would you really like to hear come out of his mouth?
4.Do you follow recipes to a * T*, or do you eyeball it or make substitutions?
5. A long lost friend, or your mother-in-law, calls and says they are in town, and can be there in 15 min. Do you panic and throw toys/clothes/junk in the closet, or calmly make a pot of tea for you both to enjoy?
6.Favorite all time movie?
7. The one decision that you made and never regretted--besides marrying your spouse or having your kids. 
8. The one decision that you really regret that you made (and , again, it cannot be your spouse or kids LOL)
9. Do you eat/sneak your children's holiday candy-Halloween, Christmas, Easter? 
10. What would you like to get for your birthday this year?
11. Paper towels/napkins--do you buy white or designs?

Ok, ok....that last question...I was having a hard time coming up with 11. I now need to pick  people to tag to do repeat this whole scenario. I am picking only a few. They are Tesha since she is a newbie on the blogsphere and I want to break her in.   Hillary, because I know that once her kids leave for school she wants to answer my questions instead of going back to bed.  And, Michele since she is running after twin 2 yr olds and is looking to spend more time on the computer. LOL to Tesha, Hillary and Michele!!