Thursday, August 2, 2012

August 2, 2012

I do not want summer to end. It is my favorite season--always has been. Add to that the fact that I love having some time off of *schooling*.
I need to go back and read posts on all of you that I have not read and catch back up. It seems that you fall behind in so many lives  by not going on Blogger for a month.
I will be back to post tomorrow...I need to get back on and start writing again


  1. I've missed you and wondering how you're doing... thinking of you in the freezing cold down here in Oz !! xoxo

  2. Glad to have you back! Summer is just too fun with kids though, I totally get why you've had a nice break!


  3. I'm the same way. I have totally lost touch with all the girls on Babycenter aside from Facebook too. The posting closed a while back and I didn't know where everyone went. :( I was lurking here and there but life just gets so busy sometimes. I hope you write here more often. I am one of your biggest blog fans! So welcome back!!! :) I am rather looking forward to the Fall myself. I love that time of the year when the leaves start to fall and the weather cools. I haven't experienced a good foliage as of yet and I am looking forward to that anyways. ((HUGS))

  4. miss you posting!!!
    I wanted to get you this message

    Hi friends,

    OK I have been in a blogger nightmare the last few days. My .com was high jacked and I have been trying to work out all the kinks so
    Google friends connect and feeds will still work. I think I did it!!!!

    Even if you already re subscribed once IT IS NOT WORKING. I had to adjust some sight settings and you need to do it again.

    Anyway I want to ask once more time that you would visit my new URL and resubscribe through which ever reader you uses.

    This is the instructions to resubscribe through Google friends Connect

    Go to my new address

    Go to Google friends connect and sigh in,
    Then go to options, sight settings hit stop following this blog (on the right hand side)
    Next refresh the page
    last re-follow the blog

    I am so sorry for the hassle. I love the relationships we have built through the internet let keep them going!
    Thank you so much for your support and understanding!

  5. Hi Christina! Been trying to find you on fb...not sure if you check your blog anymore. Would love to catch up since I am not on babycenter anymore! My email is on my blog!
    I hope you are doing well!